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Home again

My husband is completely insane. I don't know what it is that gets under his skin and insists on a change of plans, convincing him assuredly that driving all night is a good idea. We were supposed to leave the beach Saturday morning and get home Saturday afternoon (it's about an 8-hour drive). But at 8 Friday night, we were packing up our stuff and hitting the road. We got home at 5 a.m., which meant that no one got a decent night's sleep and everyone's sleep schedule is all screwed up now.

Things I've accomplished since returning from vacay:
1. Dropped off clothes at the cleaners
2. Dropped off books at the library
3. Picked up furry child from the vet where he was boarded
4. Washed same as he smelled like he'd been laying in his own urine all week
5. Grocery shopping (b/c of course there wasn't the first thing to eat in the house)
6. Got my nails done
7. Bought Kid new innertube for back bike tire
8. Cooked dinner (spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, Caesar salad)
9. Cleaned the kitchen
10. Laundry (3 suitcases of dirty, musty, slightly damp beach clothes)
11. Washed my hair (oh flat iron....I missed you so!!!)

Things I still need to do now that I'm back:
1. Get this tooth fixed
See how the root on my back molar goes down, then makes a ninety-degree turn?

Apparently that's a genetic thing and has nothing to do with my jaw being too small or anything. It doesn't usually cause a problem unless the tooth needs a root canal or to be pulled (you can see how that might be painful). When they did the root canal on this tooth some five years ago, they could only go down through the straight part (see where the filling stops?). Now, apparently, the little foot on the end of the root there is infected. I've been to the dentist (she gave me antibiotics and pain killers. Yea, painkillers) and referred me to an endodontist for a consult. Chances are he's going to send me on to an oral surgeon. The preferred treatment is to cut in from the side of the gum, clip off the end of that root and seal it up. Supposedly it's easier than a root canal. We'll see.

2. Get my hair colored. No since doing it before going to the beach as it will only fade.

3. Get this cyst on the bottom of my foot removed. There seems to be an unfair amount of minor surgery in my immediate future.

And now....sleep. 8:15 p.m. - sounds like bedtime to me.

Welcome back! I'm heading out for vacay myself on Monday. (Had to schedule around a soccer tournament.)

Glad to see you made it back safely (if possibly a little tired). In the coming weeks, I wish you wellness from head to toe (quite literally)!

Hey, did you vacay with my husband?

SOOOO glad to see you back! I've missed you!

Wow! I'm SO sorry about the whole tooth thing. I have terrible dental anxiety, so hearing your story makes my palms sweat. Good luck & good health! xoxo

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