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Best chic beater ever

I highly recommend this ribbed tank from my friend Vicky for easy casual summerwear. Comes in a ton of colors - there's a hue to go with every summer skirt you own plus black and white. They're thick and they're conservative enough to wear a bra under (a must for us D girls). And if you buy two, they're only 12 bucks a piece. Go buy some now.


What comments about AI this week or did ou give up on that after the last two weeks.

I wasn't really surprised, although they ALL did a lot better than I thought they would.

Paris's performance seems the most controversial - I personally loved it. She's so Billie Holliday.

As per usual, Pickler sucked and should have been the one to go.

I totally agree, everyone did alot better this week, except Kellie and even she knew she sucked.

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