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I have some Grammy questions

If you know the answers, would you leave them in the comments please? Thanks

1. Did Fergie have some work done? I used to think she was so attractive. Now she looks bizarre.

2. What race is Mariah Carey? I know it doesn't matter but I'm really curious confused. When she first hit it big, she looked like a black girl. Now she looks like a white girl. But she sings like a black girl. Either way, I still think she's a no-class skank and I can't stand her screaming voice.

3. If Green Day won for album of the year (American Idiot) last year, how did they win Record of the Year for a song from that album this year? Isn't there, like, a cut-off date or anything?

4. What the hell is an "animated band"? I mean, there are actual musicians playing "Feel Good," right? Who are they? Where are they? I'm so confused.

5. What was Teri Hatcher thinking?