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practicing my self portraits

While I was sitting in some middle school parking lot the other evening waiting for My Kid to come out of basketball practice, I decided to entertain myself by practicing taking my own photo. Because Mel is so good at it! And I? Suck.

One thing I discovered: It's actually a lot easier to take your photo in the car b/c you can adjust the rearview mirror and see the camera image in the reflection. And at least that way you know that your whole head is in the shot.

Now, you will see that I am so NOT photogenic. (Admittedly, the dome lighting isn't exactly friendly to the aspiring model.)

Witness the non-smile:

And...the FAKE SMILE!

The fake smile is one you'll see on me often. It's especially good with the gigantic-forehead-look.

And...the extreme close-up

I'm dreaming that one day I'll actually have an upper lip.