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The tale of the shorts

Once upon a time, there was a Kid who grew so fast. His beautiful, caring, loving, attentive, sexy Mom tried to keep up with how quickly he was growing, but sometimes the season's offerings in the stores didn't coincide with his growth spurts. When he started back to school in EARLY AUGUST (which, BTW, his Mom thought was way, way early for school to start), he was forced to continue wearing the shorts he'd been wearing all summer.

She bought him some pants but it was still hot (so, soooo freaking hot) that he couldn't yet wear them. She bought a boy's size 18, though he was but 12 years of age, for that was the size he did require.

The shorts that he wore, they were only size 14. Which was, in fact, TWO SIZES too small for the Kid. But alas, no stores had shorts for sale in August.

And the schools, they did require that the Kid tuck in his shirts. Which made the two-sizes-too-small shorts even more uncomfortable for poor Kid. Mom continued to look for shorts online - even in the sale pages - but to no avail.

Eventually, it occurred to Mom that if size 18 was the largest boy's size, perhaps her Kid could wear the smallest of the men's size. She checked the size charts and lo and behold! The waist of a boy's 18 is 28 inches, while men's sizes started at 30 inches.

And the mother, she bought MENS shorts for her Kid.

And behold. They did fit.

And her wee Kid, he did wear the men's clothes.