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Guilty Pleasure

I have a confession to make.

I love to watch the ABC Family network.

It should be called Girly TV At Its Best network.

Syndicated shows, like Gilmore Girls.

Fun movies, like Marissa Winokur in "Beautiful Girl." Chrisma Carpenter in "See Jane Date." "Campus Confidential" about the girls that started the tabloid newspaper at their high school.

Totally cheesy stuff like "7th Heaven" and "From Justin to Kelly."

And then the original series: "Beauty People" which is totally going to have me coloring my hair dark when the weather cools off. And "Wildfire" which has been running all day today.

I love me some weekend TV marathons.

And I'm totally hooked on the teenage-con-working-at-a-horse-farm fashion sense that Kris wore so well in the first five or six episodes: low jeans, big belt, boots, tank top. I can't wait to get me some Old Navy cords that I keep seeing advertised on tv. I actually have a rocking pair of dark brown leather cowboy boots that I bought in Nashville many many years ago when I first moved to Tennessee.

Anyone know where I can get a tailored western-style shirt that snaps up the front?