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Movies I am so excited to see, that I'll probably venture out amongst the unwashed masses to see them the very day they're released

1. Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
can. not. wait.
2. March of the Penguins
this may just be the coolest thing ever

Movies that I'll probably see, sooner or later
1. Hustle & Flow
it was filmed in Memphis
2. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
I thought the book was rather charming
3. Must Love Dogs
we're about due a decent romantic comedy, don'tcha think?

Movies that I will try to avoid b/c I'm pretty sure My Kid is gonna try to drag me to them:
1. Rebound
haven't I reached my quota on kinda-cute, sports-related kid movie yet?
2. Bad News Bears
Seriously, I refuse to see remakes of movies I REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL OF
3. Wedding Crashers
*rolling eyes*

Movies I've already managed to avoid despite his & Big Daddy's best efforts:
1. Fantastic 4
did I tell you that Big Daddy met Julian McMahon in his San Francisco hotel lobby?
2. War of the Worlds
oy, Tom Cruise. Don't get me started.
3. Cinderella Man
spare me yet ANOTHER boxing movie
4. Star Wars
or whatever that was
5. Herbie Fully Loaded
See "Bad News Bears" above
6. Longest Yard
uh, no. I was only 8, for pete's sake. I'm not THAT old.
7. Mr & Mrs. Smith
I'm sorry, but your film appears to be missing A PLOT