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If I had stayed Mormon, they would have totally kicked me out of the Relief Society for this.

Remember the broad dough that I let rise overnight instead of for 45 minutes? Well I tried again today. I swear to god, what with all the cleaning and now COOKING you'd think I was nesting or something. Do women nest when they're not pregnant? Yeah - don't even go there, bitch.

So anyway, I think I followed all the directions pretty thoroughly. I mentioned this was from a mix, right? I mixed, I kneaded, I let rise, I pounded down, I shaped into a loaf, I let rise again, and I baked. The damn thing wasn't in the oven 10 minutes when I started smelling smoke. Like something was burning. And I was all the way upstairs in my bedroom. I figured it was probably just something spilled on the bottom of the oven, but went to go check anyway. Downstairs the smell was really strong and I knew something was wrong.

Apparently, one should bake bread on a very LOW rack in the oven, lest it rise so high that the upper heating coil (which, hello? I didn't even know was hot unless the broiler was on.) burns an indention the size of a man's finger into the top of the loaf. Oops.

My Kid said, "We don't really have any luck with bread." Smart kid that one.

I finished cooking the bread. Tried a nice warm slice with butter. It tasted like cardboard. So much for lowcarb bread mix.