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Beach Weather: 114 Degrees F Heat Index

So far, so good. No sunburn and no storms. So we're way ahead of last year's trip.

On the way down, we stopped to eat at the Conestoga Steak House in Hattiesburg, Miss. There was more make up and hair spray in that restaurant than in the whole city of Memphis. Accross from us sat a couple, about 60. He was in his boy scout uniform. Drinking a big glass of milk with his steak. I'm not kidding. I wanted to take a picture for you but I'm not any good at discrete camera phone usage yet.

Two things you can always count on at the beach:
1. The Bad News: no matter what day you arrive on, everyone else will already have five days of suntan, leaving you to look pasty as the pillsbury dough boy out there.
2. The Good News: no matter how bad you think you might look in your bikini, there will be a LOT of other women MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU parading around in them.

Four things I refuse to do while on vacay at the beach:
1. Wear a watch. (I didn't even bring mine.)
2. Wear a bra.
3. Wear base make-up and powder.
4. Straighten my hair.

I'm posting from Big Daddy's laptop, so go here to flickr to see photos.