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Exit Survey

As soon as HR found out I was leaving, they summoned me down for an exit survey. I was a little surprised. I thought I'd do that at the end of my four-weeks notice. My answers are to follow:

Did you like working for XXX?

Did you receive the proper training to do your job well?
[god, that's such an HR question, isn't it?]

Were the personnel policies explained to you?
Yes [shouldn't an exit survey have more open-ended questions?]

Was your supervisor helpful and supportive of you?

Conversation which followed:
HR Manager (disbelievingly): "Not helpful and supportive at all?"
Me: "Well, if you consider changing meeting times and not telling me so that I missed them 'helpful', then yeah."

Were your coworkers and managers friendly?
Not Really
[since not a one of them, ever, included me when big groups of them would go to lunch together]

Do you feel you were treated fairly? If not, please explain.
No - how can anyone say that the way I dress doesn't represent the org properly when my VP wears frayed shirts, inside-out sweatshirts, and a baseball cap everyday?

HRM: (tries to turn conversation back to my clothing)
Me: "The question was about equality. I think if you're going to bring a woman in and tell her her skirts are too short you should also bring a man in when his dress is equally unprofessional."
HRM: "You're right." [she's paid to say that]

What did you like best about your job?
good benefits

What did you like least about your job?
working for (name redacted)

What suggestions do you have for making this a better place to work?
more equality among departments; more women executives; less responsiblity to Board and Committee members

What was your reason for leaving XXX?
I've accepted an advanced position with another company