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Calling all English Majors!

Time to help My Kid with his homework again.

Predicate nominatives...Predicate adjectives....What's the difference?

The first is a NOUN and the second is an ADJECTIVE, right?

My Kid tells me that his teacher said they can BOTH be adjectives. Of course, there's a good chance he was making snarky comments with his friend when he should have been listening to the lesson. What? There's ALWAYS that chance with 11-year-olds. Anyway, the worksheet says:

Remember that predicate adjectives describe subjects. Predicate nominatives identify or explain subjects.

Whatever the fuck THAT means.

Norway is a country in northern Europe.
My rule: it's a noun
Their rule: "Country" identifies or explains "Norway;" it doesn't describe it

The country is long and narrow.
My rule: it's an adjective
Their rule: "Long" describes the "country."

I get the feeling they're trying to make this so difficult. You say?