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Goddess of Wind and Water

I've been thinking about what Gretchen said about my dream the other morning being related to my possible new job opportunity. The thing is, I've always felt inspired by the wind. I remember one time (at band camp) when I was in my early (OK, very early) 20's. Some girlfriends were picking me up. We were going to the wedding reception of another girl we worked with. I had on my best dress - a strapless sundress with a peplum skirt (I told you it was a while back). Probably one of the most flattering dresses I've ever worn. I was waiting out front of my apartment for them to pick me up, and a storm was blowing in. It was really windy, and I had really long hair at the time. I stood facing into the wind, and, as it blew my hair back from my face and shoulders, I remember feeling like a supermodel, and thinking "no wonder they look so great in those photos. We should all have wind blowing in our faces all the time." It was the first time I felt completely empowered by something, and it was the wind. I remember wanting to get a tatoo after that, but not knowing how to draw the wind.

Fast forward several years. We buy a house in the suburbs with a big fancy master bathroom with a jacuzzi tub. What with the demands of work and family, I discover the joy of baths. I start buying up all kind of bath and spa products to further enhance my evening baths. I laid in hot baths, for the first time in my life, feeling utterly relaxed and yet powerful at the same time. It became like a mediation period for me. I would relax my mind while concentrating on what I needed to do to improve myself, my career, my marriage.

So yeah, the power of wind and water. Maybe by dreaming about that I was calling on some inner strength. A power that I'll need to make this change in my life. A power that the wind and water reminds me is in me all the time.