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A whole week's worth of posts in one fell swoop

Well it's been another week at work. That's about all I can say about it. It only gets more crazy and stressful and insane from here on out, I'm afraid.

Luckily, I've got a great technical invention to save me. It goes by the initials DVR.

Tonight, all I wanted to do was come home, crawl into my PJs, camp out on the sofa and watch the shows I've recorded. I watched season premieres of The Office [hilarious!] and Gray's Anatomy [I'm giving it another chance even though I still carry a huge resentment about how they totally sold out in the season 2 finale], two (2) episodes of House [I missed that one with the alien abductions when I was in CA last week] [Dude! Did you see Joel Grey? Is he really that old, or was that make up?] and - what's destined to become my new favorite show this year - Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Well of course I'm going to like this show because it's got Bradley Whitford and I am madly in love with Bradley Whitford so I'd probably watch him reading transcripts of CSpan coverage. But this show is pure Aaron Sorkin and Tommy Salami (I KNOW it's "Schlamme" which is indeed plenty funny as it is, but it's still a lot more funny to say Tommy Salami) - steadicam, shots of people walking down long hallways, quick & witty repartee. I even liked Amanda Peet in the pilot, and she was the one part of the show I was skeptical about. But she was good in this role. And Matthew Perry is easily the best Friends alumni left standing. Watch this show. Trust me - I picked Gray's Anatomy the first season, too.


Every evening for weeks when I've left work I've had the same idea for a post in my head. Its title: Unfounded Fear. I was going to go something like this: "I have this crazy unfounded fear every day when I'm leaving work that I'll drop my keys down the space between the floor and the elevator...What unfounded fear do you have?" Then today, I'm sitting at my desk, frantically working, as usual, when I overhear someone telling someone else about one time when it happened to them!!! Now I'm totally freaked out, because it turns out it's not so unfounded after all.


I did something completely stupid this week. I bought these shoes. That's not the stupid part. No! These shoes are GREAT! I call them my Christina Aguilera shoes, who, BTW, is looking fabulous this days. The stupid part was that I wore them to work on Wednesday, when I had an all-day event going on. And I stood, in those shoes, for 11 and one-half hours. I'm only just now starting to feel my toes again.


The awesomely trashy Mid-South Fair started this week. Tonight when I was on my way home, the sky was dark and stormy. It was warm and muggy and we'd been under all sorts of warnings all day for severe weather like thunderstorms and tornados. Then the traffic report comes on the radio and they're telling people not to take East Parkway or Central Ave. home, because of all the Fair traffic. Now I ask you: who the hell goes to the fair during a tornado watch? That place is more attractive to funnel clouds than a trailer park. And, ironically, they also have funnel cakes.


When I get My Kid up for school, I get a clean towel out from his cabinet and set it out on the toilet for his shower. This week, he said to me, "Could you not put my towel on the toilet? You know, GERMS."

That's my boy!!