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The things you miss

Since I went back to work, I hardly have time to do ANYTHING except....work.

Five things I hardly do anymore since going back to work:
1. Cook dinner
2. Sleep
3. Blog
4. Vacuum
5. Read blogs

Since this past week was so long and crazy with the travel and all, I am taking the weekend OFF and trying to relax.

Five things I will do this weekend:
1. Deposit refund check from oral surgeon for overpayment
2. Shop (for shoes) For a Cause
3. Look up the words to that new Beyonce song
4. Buy required list of supplies for My Kid's art class
5. Read blogs

And there are hundreds of post just on my Bloglines feed. I can't believe all that's happened while I've been gone:

1. Two babies have started walking! WALKING!
2. Romans sired a batch of puppies.
3. Alice is pregnant?
4. Mrs. Kennedy's Katie died.
5. Sweety has a new name - and a fabulous new design that features the best mother-son photo ever.
6. Pink Pen has completely moved to a new blog.
7. Joelle is taking a break and can now be visited on MySpace (my first visit ever to that site....which I still don't really get.)

No, no no, Alice isn't pregnant. She's lamenting that Henry's about to be 4, except the four year-old attitude has taken over much more quickly than she was ready for.

Alice isn't pregnant, but my dog is still dead. God, what a week.

Huh. Wonder why I thought that? Anyway, so sorry about Katie Mrs. K. But your new puppy is very cute!

Hi Kalisah,

I have been reading your blog for some time now and I thought I'd finally speak up and say, "Hi". I'm a 28 year old female from St. Louis that also loves to shop.

I hope you don't mind, but I put your blog on my list of links. I really enjoy reading your blog and I know some of my friends would love to read it too.

Thanks for the entertainment!

Amazing how all this stuff happens, isn't it?

Alice isn't pregnant, but I hear Rude Cactus is.

This could be a post at my place. I totally understand where you're coming from. :)

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