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Two Words

Dry. Socket.

And also? These four:

I told you so.

I knew I was still having too much pain. I got up this morning and my jaw was throbbing and I took three advil in hopes that I could deal with it and go on to work. But I couldn't. It hurt too bad. I got back into bed and Big Daddy was all, "You can't just not go to work!"

Which admittedly, he's used to the old, irresponsible drunken me who would call in sick if I had an especially fierce hangover. But I'm more reliable now. Hell, even taking off Friday at noon for the surgery, I still worked 45 hours last week.

Anyway, I went back to the doctor. He confirmed that I have a dry socket, and he packed the hole in my jaw with some medicated gauze. I think it had novacaine on it, too - I could taste it. And it did make the pain go away pretty quickly. I have to go back Thursday and have the packing removed.

This afternoon I had my first solid food in three days. If you can call Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup solid food. That hot, salty, chickeny goodness sure does make you feel better when you're sick though.

You'd think that after three days on a liquid diet, I would have dropped a few pounds, but no such luck.

You poor thing! Those two little words just make me wince at the thought. I hope it starts getting better soon.

Ugh... dry socket...

Hope you are feeling better (and eating more solid food!) soon!

Isn't melted chocolate technically "liquid" food?

I completly know where you're coming from, I had that too when I had my wisdom teeth removed! It is NOT FUN! And the fact that sometimes you can come out th other end looking like chipmunk to does not help the healing process! Best of luck with it all, and I hope you feel better soon!

Dry socket. *shudder*

Feel better soon. Poor Kalisah.

I just found you through Amalah and wanted say hello and I'm enjoying the reading here. Your message about the Super Target and Super Walmart next door to each other caught my eye, cause I'm from Memphis as well. And yes, you are right about the Target/ Walmart clientele being so, umm, different.

Also, LOVED your About Me stuff, especially the Firmly Believe. I couldn't agree more with pretty much everything on it.

Oooooo. That's a big suckfest.

I'm sorry. I had dry sockets too and they weren't fun. They packed them with gauze soaked in clove oil. That was 14 years ago and I still can't stand the taste or smell of cloves.

Are you beter yet? I misssssss yoooooooooouuuuuuuuuu!!!!

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