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Man, they had such an easy life

You know what I was just thinking?

If you lived during Little House on the Prairie days, you'd have a lot less housework to do. Think about it.

Dirt floors....no sweeping & mopping
Outhouses....no scrubbing toilets
Wear the same dress day after day....one load of laundry a week
Cook over open fire....no oven to clean
Hunt and gather your own food.....no grocery shopping
One room log cabin....hardly any dusting
No disposables....no trash to take out


And no air conditioning. :S

True, but I'd rather have a readily available grocery store packed with people than unrefrigerated meat packed with who knows what. Eeew.

And what about grown women wearing smocking?!


At 9 months prego, I can say that I don't do any sweeping, mopping or dusting. There's some guilt, but very little. My boys are neat so the laundry is close to a load or 2 a week, especially since I've outgrown most of my clothes or sold the rest in hope of an imminent birth. Hmmm... easy, yes but what about:

-middle of the night trips to the loo in the middle of February (yes, with 2 feet of snow on the ground & leaves to wipe with)

-eating rodent stew for a week straight because your man cant catch a deer

-giving birth w/o pain meds

-having as many babies as your sexlife supports (there's an eww!), but then you did have endentured servants to do the chores that you did require

-growing everything you wanted to eat...what about chocolate, pop tarts, icecream in the summer, etc.

-no hairspray or makeup or even razors to shave your legs with. There's a reason Laura Ingalls looked that way!

You crack me up, Kalisa.

Funny, indeed!

wow! You have a point! lol

man, you guys are killin' my buzz

Very funny. But they didn't have cute shoes. Just those klunky boots.

Few years ago, PBS did a reality show thing called Frontier House. Couple of families went out on the prarie and lived. It was harsh.

LOL! Yep, those were the days ;)

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