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Between the two of them, I'm glad the spazzy guy won. I thought they both sounded like complete shit tonight. Especially that last Dirty Dancing song. Yikes. Then again, most of the guests sounded like they were on their last vocal cord, too, so.

I tuned in just in time to see that boy-who-wants-to-be-Clay-Aiken go into a seizure onstage when The Real Clay Aiken came out. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. Ryan Seacrest had to catch the boy to keep him from falling over.

For the record (ha ha - record), if Mandisa gets a music deal, I will buy her album. And it will be the first time I've ever purchased music from an AI contestant.

I hope some record producer is listening.

For the "record", I'm 90% sure that Mandisa along with a good portion of the others will get a record deal. Whether it will be good or not is another story. Whether she breaks that contract with the evil AI peeps, is a total other story - let the games begin :)

thank god.

lost and AI ended tonight. what the hell am i going to do on wednesday nights now???

mandisa is my homegirl. i don't care if she hates the gays. i love her in spite of all that.

We just watched the AI final.I wanted Catherine to win, I thought the grey guy was a bit.. weird.

We loved Mandisa!

I wonder how many seasons of AI will follow..

well, it's bigger than ever. More people voted in the finals than in the last presidential election.

(Course, most of them were probably WELL under 18 years of age.)

seriously, how many idols does america need?

you know Americans: TOO MUCH IS NEVER ENOUGH

I was glad Taylor won too. He's got a cool voice. The rest of the show, well, was tres cheesy.

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