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This morning's headlines

Idol Talk: So long, Pickler. Take your blue eye shadow and go home.

Seriously? Wa-wa-wait....the president named someone from the White House press corps to be the new press secretary?? Is this normal operating procedure?

Talk Amongst Yourselves: Did you see Ann Curry's interview with Angelina on Today this morning? Do you think she was wearing make up (Angelina, I mean)? I could see a little eye liner, mascara, lip gloss - but was that all? Was there base, cover-up, blush, highlighter?

Morning laugh: The Tom Cruise exercise video. Stay tuned for a 26-minute version of this spoof, a "Tomarathon," so to speak.

Doctor, Doctor: Do you ever get ER's Mikhi Phifer and House's Omar Epps confused?

Makeup Meltdown? Have you seen the L'Oreal Infallible TV spots with Milla Jovovich? (Sorry, I couldn't find video of the spots, only the print ads.) She's never struck me as exceptionally beautiful but I think she looks A. MAZE. ZING in these ads. Especially in the white turtleneck. I like her hair short. I would cut my hair if I could look like that.

Running up the iTunes bill: Today I'll be listening to newly downloaded: The L Word Season 3 (both discs); The Dixie Chicks "Landslide"; Elvis Costello "God Give Me Strength"; Old school U2 (from War and Unforgettable Fire)

I can help with two fo those queries. The last time a President picked a reporter as Press Secretary was Gerald Ford (can't remember the guy's name offhand, but he was from NBC).

And couldn't help on the L'Oreal ad, but there is video of the Today interview with Angelina right here.

thank GOD the pickle is gone. but now, what ever will i bitch and moan about on wednesday?

and i think you're right about AJ's make up. she's really just that pretty. there's a website out there (whose name i don't recall) that has celeb make up and hers was something like waterproof mascara and carmex.

that bitch.

Doctor, Doctor: Do you ever get ER's Mikhi Phifer and House's Omar Epps confused? -- Yes especially since Omar Epps played a resident in ER before Mekhi Phifer was on the show.

No! Really?? Well NO WONDER! Sheesh!

Ooh la love.

I adore Milla Jovovich. Her line is fab too, have you seen it?

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