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Ma'am, would you open your purse please?

Carmen wants to know what's in my purse. Especially the "hidden" stuff. As I mentioned in her comments, I actually change purses a lot, so nothing really has time to accumulate or surprise.

  • wallet - just an old checkbook cover, actually, with slits in the cover for drivers license, credit cards, Blockbuster ID card, etc. I keep paper money under the little flap and use the old check register to scribble notes to myself.
  • Neutragena lip balm
  • Mac lip liner
  • lip gloss
  • contact drops
  • leather change purse
  • iPod nano (w/ear pods)
  • cell phone
  • red sharpie - a must for shopping (marking things off my list)
  • yellow highlighter pen - you never know when you might need to highlight something
  • blue ballpoint pen
  • pocket edition AA Big Book/12&12 combination with snap closure (in tan)
  • business card holder with insurance card, voter registration card, library card, DSW frequent shopper card, etc.
  • car key
  • Ray Ban sunglasses w/pink lenses (in glasses case)
  • couple of OB tampons (in the zipper pocket in the back)

(Let's hope my bullets show up this time.)

no bullets....

you have a practical purse.

That's pretty sleek. I can out do you though -- I carry this great white of a purse, huge, black hole, and all that's in it is my Treo, wallet, digicam, mints, and keys.

BTW, I take my own full length shots. Most challenging part of that my goddamn photoblog.


No Palm Pilot type device!

BTW, I love big bags, but I also don't carry muck in them.

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