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Live Blogging AI

First, let me just start right out saying that I CAN NOT BELIEVE that they got Andrea Bocelli and David Foster. I mean, this is some real true talent now and I realize that the show is raking in the big ratings but I believe the producers must be turning out some big bucks to bring in names like this.

(Did I ever tell you that I worked with David Foster? Not as a singer, but in my professional PR career. He produced a celebrity gala show for St. Jude. He's awesome. I was hanging out backstage with him and this girl who is the top AIDS researcher, and she said, "David, what are you going to do to help fight AIDS?" and he said, "Practice monogamy.")

She sounded better in the rehearsals when she was casually singing opera with Andrea. The judges are ragging her choice of song. I don't think that's it. I think - like Paula said - she didn't sing in her true voice. She was putting on this fakeness (what was up with the whole angry female angst routine, Alanis?); "cabaret," Simon called it and I think he was dead on. She could have done better. She didn't seem to be concentrating on her vocals as she should have been. Waving at the camera and shit. Humph.

Commercial break: I'm so over the Lindsay Ho-han flicks, but have you seen the trailers for this new one? "Just My Luck" or whatever? That little blonde who played Seth's love interest in the first? or second? season of The OC - the quirky chick from Pittsburgh? She's in it and good for her b/c I adore her.

I know what it's like to have a favorite song that you've waited your whole life to sing on stage. I have songs like that....OMG is Paula crying?? THERE'S NO CRYING IN IDOL!! Elliott is an awesome singer. But I didn't really like the song. I couldn't follow it. I think he has a brilliant career ahead of him as an easy listening singer.

Note to Pickler on the look: we haven't worn our hair puffed up like that since the mid-90s and the brown blush makes you look bruised. Ha! Did you see in the rehearsal film how David Foster was looking at her with his mouth hanging open like he couldn't even believe what he was being forced to listen to? OK, if the judges don't tell her this week that she's "pitchy" they are all drunk. Finally - monotonous, bland, robotic. Thank you, Simon.

Commercial break: I have a hobby of picking out celebrity voice over in ads. Case in point: "Nasonex," spoken quite sexily by none other than - Antonio Banderas.

Oh be still my heart. She is singing Queen Babs. This may be the performance of the year in my book. Let's see how she does....Okay, it was good. Strong. Very strong. I wish she would sing it straighter. (And get the words right, sheesh.) I just don't like all the warbling around they do on this show. Maybe that's what Paula means by "oversinging" it. The last 30 seconds were better.

Commercial break: If you're not watching "House," you're missing the best show on TV. Really, stay tuned. You'll see. Best Episode Ever: rent Season 1 and watch the one where he substitute-teaches the medical class and you find out what happened to his leg. The writers won an Emmy for that ep.

Just Once? Wait a sec....wasn't this the theme to my senior prom? I think it was. And look - he's wearing a velveteen tuxedo (which, BTW, I think was the name of my favorite children's book). He must be having prom relapses of his own. How hard is it to sing this song? Even so, he's having some pitch issues. "Weird karaoke," said Dawg. "Handsome as heck," gushed Paula. "Hotel lounge performance," griped Simon. And I say, "Told ya."

Commercial break: I totally want to see that gymnastics movie "Stick It." I don't even know why. I just do.

David Foster thought Chris was singing from "here" (motion to Adam's apple) which has always bothered me about him. Love the singing-from-the-floor exercise. Now you get to see a sneak peak into the secret world of singers. Yes, we really do shit like that. Erm...did the back up singer's voice just crack? That's never good. But Chris sounded great. What a good song choice for him. I have a feeling he'll eventually win it all.

My Picks:
Bottom three: Pickler, McPhee, Elliott (sorry, E.)
Going home: The Pickster (don't let the door hitcha in the ass, bay-bee)

I have to disagree with you on Elliott being in the bottom 3. He sang that song from his heart. I have loved him from the try-outs. But, yeah, that's just my opinion.

Oh, and I too want to see the movie "Stick It". I saw the trailer the other day when we went to see tht movie that Antonio Bandares (sp?) stars in. That movie, by the way, sucked.

Lastly, I agree that Chris will probably win the whole thing, but I hope that Elliott is in until the final 3.

Okay, I don't watch Idol (I know, major sin, right?), so I can't comment on that, but I'm all over the commercials.

Don't like Lindsey Lohan either, but thought that movie looked cute. Even if it's just to see bad stuff happen to her.

I love Antonio Banderas. He was good in "Take the Lead." I actually liked that movie. Although I find the Nasonex commercials a bit cheesy.

I love House. And that episode, the Emmy one, was awesome.

I want to see "Stick It" too. Love gymnastics movies and the like. Can't seem to stop liking teenage movies, even though I'm years past them.

So, there is my review of your commercial breaks. Sad that I know which commercials you are talking about, isn't it?

I'm so pissed....we had more storms last night, which translates into "tornado warnings" which means the news interrupted House about 2/3 of the way through. I guess I'll have to wait for reruns to see the ending....

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