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Two things I noticed while watching the Women's Figure Skating Long Program tonight

Number One
Even though everyone is talking about how no one understands the new figure skating scoring system, and the commentators can often be heard commentating about how even the skaters, when viewing their scores, don't appear to totally understand it either, I've yet to see Dick Buttons or anyone at NBC explain it to the viewers. Which is just to say, I have no idea what the scores mean, but why is Scott Hamilton yelling at that girl to WAIT TEN SECONDS FOR THE BONUS? What the hell is he talking about?

Number Two
When you see the trailer for 'The Divinci Code,' please notice how much Audrey Tautou's hair looks like mine. Now, you might say, 'But Kalisah, we haven't seen a photo of you lately. What exactly does your hair look like these days?' To which I would reply, 'Like Audrey Tautou's in 'The Divinci Code'.' A-hem.