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In which I make an actual Confession

I know what you're thinking: "It's about damn time, bizzitch. That is why I come here. For Confessions. Duh." So I have a confession to make to you.

Sort of.

More like news. Juicy, gossipy news. Or, it would be if I were famous. From a regular person like me, it's just a little something I want to tell you about. A confession, as it were.

I have decided to quit drinking. Sober up. On the wagon. Dancing the 12-Step Boogie. Everyone's doing it you know - Kate, Nicole, Whitney. Well, okay....some of them are doing it a little more successfully than others. But I don't want to be like Lindsey Lohan, continually denying the existence of a problem while I go into hospitals for treatment of my "asthma." No, I want to be like Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Not the marrying the construction worker that she met in rehab part, but the facing my problems head-on and dealing with them directly part. And also the big diamonds part. Ah, Liz, did I ever tell you you're my hero?

While I'm at it, I have another confession to make, too. I have been eating healthy for two weeks now (doing the South Beach Phase II) and I have not lost one. single. pound. So I've decided instead to try the Supermodel Coffee and Cigarettes diet. Only for me, it will probably have to be the Coffee and Cigarettes and Pepcid diet since I can only imagine how that coffee is going to tear up my stomach. Oh god! And then I'll probably get hooked on those and have to join yet another recovery group and maybe I'll just hang with the South Beach a bit longer. You know, cause I got a life. I can't be spending ALL my time hanging out in church basements talking about making amends and shit.