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Where I went

I've been:
1. Trying to come up with a costume for our company Halloween party.
2. Shopping in thrift stores to find dress.
3. Being thoroughly inconvenienced by muscle spasms in my back AGAIN.
4. Hobbling like a little old lady to the doctor.
5. Taking lots of medication.
6. Buying wig, headband, little round sunglasses for My Kid to be a hippie for Halloween.
7. Going to the Halloween party even though I was spaced out on meds and should have dressed as a zombie since that's what I looked like all night and now everyone thinks I wasn't having a good time.
8. Starting physical therapy for the back which - those little electrode things? TOTALLY helped.
9. Buying Halloween candy at the last minute.
10. Sitting out on my front porch handing out candy to trick-or-treaters so they wouldn't constantly ring the doorbell and upset my dog.
11. Reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire before the movie comes out.
12. Psyching myself up to turn 39 on Saturday. Eeek! 39!