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Update on a couple things

1. My sidebar is all fucked up again. It somehow happens when I post photos and it sucks. I alerted Blogger last time, but of course they never responded to my request. The only way I was able to fix it last time was by deleting all my photos. I'm not doing that this time. I'm keeping it as is until they look at it and fix it, by god.

2. I picked up the pretty pink blazer from the cleaners today. It looks to have survived the cow poo. Yay cleaners.

3. If I had to choose just one blogger to meet in person, and this would be a really, really tough decision, then today, it would be Melati. She is one rocking chick.

4. If I had to choose just one blogger who I most admire as a person, and this really wouldn't be that tough a decision, because hands down, it would have to be Carmen.

5. If I had to choose just one blogger to read today, then you'd have to go ahead and shoot me because there's no way. I love all you guys so much. So very much.