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My Space? Or Their Space?

We just got an email from one of the partners that a local private school (where, BTW, another partner's child attends school) is holding a telethon in our offices one upcoming evening. They asked us to please have our desks neat so that they had space to work and to not have any confidential client information laying around.

And I thought, "Someone's going to be working in my office??"

And I hate to sound selfish or uncaring...oh who'm I kiddin'? I'm the Queen of Selfish and Uncaring and this office is MY DOMAIN from which I rule my kingdom of Keep Your Hands Off My Stuff Or At Least Have The Decency To Wash Them First.

Don't you think it would have been considerate of the partners to have asked us if we mind?

Or maybe the deal is, technically, The Man owns this space and He decides who uses it when and if I don't like it I can find some other damn space in which to spend my days.

And if you think I should just shut the fuck up and at least be glad that they warned us, you can tell me that too.