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Happy Birthday to Me

Ahhh...39. I don't feel a day over 37. Seriously.

I went out and bought myself a birthday gift. New color to go with the...new color.

Front Row:

Nars blush in Sin

Chantecaille lip gloss in Nougat

Nars eye shadow duo in Charade

Center: Nars lip gloss in Bilitis

Back Row:

Chantecaille lip sheer lipstick in Nebula

Nars lip stick in Rouge D'Enfer

Tonight we went out to dinner with Big Daddy's parents, as we've done for my last 12 birthdays. My FIL and I share the same birthday. I know!! How unusual is that?? I told Big Daddy I was tired of the same steak and Italian restaurants where we always eat. I picked out one I like instead - Yia Yia's. Pronounced "yah-yah's." It's Greek for "grandmother." I know my MIL likes it as she eats lunch there with her girlfriends occasionally (and she's the hardest one to please).

The restaurant is a little frou-frou. I know...who me??? Here's mom & dad trying to figure out what the hell is on his plate.

He ordered salmon. Looks like it had some kind of french-fried onions on top and maybe some vegetables or potatoes underneath?

Anyway...you see he ate it all.

Mom, she ordered the lasagne. (Guess she would have preferred the Italian restaurant afterall.)

For dessert, I had the foresight to order the hot chocolate souffle. YUM! It was my birthday, afterall.

Big Daddy bought me a beautiful necklace from Charlotte. This is not it. These are the "pearls" I typically wear with my Audrey Hepburn dress. Overall, I'd say it was a really nice birthday.