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Soccer Week 4: The JCC

The JCC is the team that everybody wants to beat. Even our coach doesn't like them - he says that they "stack" their team, which I'm not really sure what that means, but I do know in all our years of playing soccer My Kid's teams have never been able to beat a JCC team.

Since they don't play on Saturdays, we have to play them on Sundays. And since our kids (hypothetically) go to church on Sunday mornings, our games have to be Sunday afternoon. We played at 1:30. Man, was it HOT. I didn't realize just how hot, or I wouldn't have brought Smokey, my furry child. After a few minutes in the sun, I grabbed my chair & Smokey's leash and all my stuff and relocated to the other side of the field, where there are some trees and shade. As soon as I got us all settled over there, Smokey lifted his leg and PEED ON MY COACH PURSE. Damn dog.

They took the lead with an early goal. But we came back pretty quickly - their goalie came out into the box and but then missed the save, so the goal was open and Thomas knocked it in there. Yay! I hoped it wasn't a fluke.

By halftime it was tied up 2 all, and Coach brought our players over to the trees to get some shade. The exact spot they picked? A yellow jacket nest. Oh yes. One kid started jumping around swatting at his legs with his water bottle and I thought it was ants, but their socks are black, and I could see all the yellow spots on them. Then another kid started jumping around and then they all started running and ripping off their shirts and I am not kidding, it was like a cartoon where the bees form into a huge arrow and point at the people and then starting chasing them. Our kids were screaming and crying and running amok in all directions. One kid took some stings to the face around his eyes. Poor Harrison, he was stung nine times. Even the coach had five stings. Luckily, My Kid was on the other side of the group so he didn't get any, but still. I have never seen bees swarm like that before. There must have been thousands of them, and they literally chased them. It was so bizarre.

We played well the second half, given that half of the boys were in anaphylactic shock from the bee stings. The JCC went up 3-2. Time was getting short. Adeche kicked a great corner kick. It bounced off of one of their player's heads and into the goal! That still counts, right?? So we were tied up and playing as defensively as possible and then Thomas got the ball and took it up the sideline and cut across and knocked it in!!!

WE WON!! WE BEAT THE JCC!!! Our boys were so excited. And they deserved it. It was a great game to watch. They played hard out there in that heat and even survived the attack of the killer bees. Rock on!