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Mullet Watch 2005

Do you know what time it is? It's time for Pronto Pups and funnel cakes and roast corn and turkey legs. It's time for the MidSouth Fair!

And let me tell you, you see all kinds at The Fair. My favorite was the great big fat woman who stored her cell phone IN HER CLEAVAGE. Although the girl who was 9 month's pregnant and wearing only a black crocheted bra and a little hootchie skirt was kind of interesting too. Not that giving life isn't beautiful and all, but what would inspire someone to dress that way to go to THE FAIR?

Apparently yesterday was the high school cheer/pom competition because the girls in their glitter make up were out in all their glory. I thought it was rather curious, though, when I saw the little scruffy guy WITH NO TEETH in the "CBHS Pom Team" t-shirt carrying a "CBHS Pom Team" equipment bag, seeing how Christian Brothers High School is one of the more high-end private schools in town.

We don't really trust the rides and the food is good but definitely not good for you (and the conditions under which it is prepared is pretty questionable,too) and you can't win at any of the games, so I'm not sure why we keep going back to The Fair every year. It's just something you do. More photos here.