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Exercise your blogacratic right to vote.

My company is having a big Halloween party at Zoo Boo on Saturday the 29th. And we're having a costume contest (one for adults and one for kids). I have two ideas and I need you to help me decide. I'm leaning one way, but I'm going to try to explain the costumes in a completely nonbiased way so you can make a fair decision.

1. Miss America 1984
For this costume, I would buy the biggest, fluffiest, pastel-est used bride's maid's dress I can find. Then I would use tons of heavy product (gel & hair spray) and scrunch my hair to make it HUGE and do the big mall bang thing. Purple eyeshadow with heavy liner and tons of mascara. Lots of bright makeup. My tiara. And then I would get a wide ribbon from which I would make a "sash" on which I would write in glitter pen "Miss America, 1984."

2. The Corpse Bride
This one takes less explanation, as we've all seen the huge marketing campaign for the movie. I'm afraid the long white "bride" dress might be a little more expensive (even used) than the Miss America gown. But the makeup would be fun! I'd buy some drugstore base makeup in the palest white I can find. Then black eye shadow and black shading under my eyes and under my cheekbones. I'd probably use straight corn starch for face powder as it has no color in it and is pure white. I could make a bouquet out of dead flowers and wrap the stems in black ribbon. And I'd fancy a veil out of some tulle and my tiara.

Either way, you'll notice, I'm wearing my tiara. Because I ALWAYS wear my tiara to parties. Halloween or no.

So place your votes. I need to get to work finding my wedding/pageant gown.