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Soccer, Week 3; Pollen Count: HIGH

OMG the game's been over for an hour and I still can't breathe. Claritin sucks. I'm going to have to go see my doctor for something stronger.

Today we played another private school. They weren't small kids like last week, but still the officiating wasn't very good. Our coach was starting to get pissed. Thomas was on his way to the goal with the ball and there was only one defender down there, and the kid slid and tripped Thomas. Our coach was all, "Mr. Ref! If a forward in scoring position ends up on the ground THAT'S A FOUL!"

I also learned something new: Slide Tackle.

My Kid played defense mostly and midfield some. He's so used to playing forward that he kicks the ball like he's passing it to someone, instead of booting it downfield like a defender should.

I think it's funny that Harrison's parents sit on opposite sides of the field. I mean, not too funny for Harrison, I guess.

Final Score: Win, 3-0.