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I love to order online.

It's so easy. And convenient. And most places give you free shipping on returns as long as long as you're making an exchange. So if something doesn't fit, you can send it back and get the right size at no additional charge.

Yeah, the pink shoes. They didn't fit. They were European 36's (6's), but they were too big. My Prada pumps, when I bought them, they were a half size too small. They were MIS.ER.A.BLE for the fist three months that I owned them. But I suffered through and now? They're like buttah.

So the pink pumps, they are too loose too early. I must return. Boo. I'm sad. I wanted to wear them on Monday.

Today I also received my order from Gap. Yeah, I did a little shopping this week. *smile* In addition to the Gap skirts (in both colors) and the pink pumps, I got these shirts, two of these bras, and this top from my friend Vicky and also this skirt and these shoes. Yeah, I went a little crazy.

OK, so here's the weird thing that I wanted to share with you. One of the sites I ordered from (I don't remember which one) had the disclaimer that, due to the hurricane, delivery dates to some parts of the country could not be guaranteed.


I mean, I KNOW they've lost everything. I KNOW they've got to start replacing somewhere, somehow. But really, I find it hard to believe that anyone on the Gulf Coast is ordering designer shoes at this point. It just seems weird to me.

Please remember that I've got many friends who have lost everything before you bash me for my completely insensitive post. Thanks.