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How's my day, you ask? HOW'S MY DAY???

One of my clients has a big breaking news story tomorrow. I have received no less than 35 emails from my boss today TELLING ME IN MINUTE DETAIL HOW TO DO MY JOB. Which leads me to believe that he is somehow under the impression that I am unable to do my job all on my own.

The RFP (due Friday) that I've been working on ALL FUCKING WEEK is now being "edited" by the Sr. VP. He's decided to take out most of what I wrote ("too specific") and replace it with what HE wrote for the last RFP ("much more vague") which, BTW WE DID NOT GET.

I bought a chocolate chip cookie at lunch to take home to My Kid as a little treat. Yeah, that baby's GONE.

And to top it all off, I think I might have FedEx'ed the USA Today reporter my Fiona Apple CD instead of the one with the client's news release and image on it. Bullocks.