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Here's a question for you:

If, for some reason, you had to have breast reconstruction surgery, would you get them the same size as they are now?

Because I'm a 34D, and, while I think my boobs are beautiful, I get awfully tired the way they cause me to wear my clothes. Like, I have to buy shirts in medium, so that they don't gap around my bustline, and then pay to have them tailored - darts put in at the waist, sleeves shortened. And lots of shirts that would be perfectly decent on a smaller chest make me look like some kind of porn star because of all the cleavage they reveal. So I think if I were having reconstructive surgery for some reason, I might get them one cup smaller.

The reason I ask, is because there's this girl in my office who's probably a bit larger than me. But then she told me that hers were fake b/c she had breast cancer and had to have them rebuilt bigger, stronger, faster. No, OK. She didn't really say that. In fact, I don't even know her well enough to ask what size she was before.

So I'm asking you instead. Same size? Smaller? Larger?