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There is no way in hell I can limit my quirks to just five.

Sarah tagged me on this.

So I'll try to pick out the quirkiest of my "things." (I like to call them "things" or "weird things.")

1. Nothing, but nothing, should EVER touch my knee caps.
2. All the air should be squeezed out of ziplock bags before ziplocking them.
3. I can’t wear a watch when I type on a laptop.
4. When reading the paper, I begin on the front page, then go to the back page of the section and work my way forward. That’s how my dad read the paper, too.
5. Even though I consider myself extremely germ-conscious, I never use those paper toilet seat covers. I always just give the seat a quick swipe with toilet paper to make sure it’s not wet and then I sit my ass right down on it.

And that doesn't even get into all my food "things" and the fact that I only eat the middle and not the ends of food. I'll save that for another post.

Put your "things" in the comments. I need to know you're freakier than me.