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I'm much too young to feel this damn old

This morning I went to the minor medical center to see a doctor about my back. It was feeling slightly better after I tried Les's suggestion of alternating heat and ice (thanks, Les!) but I'm still shuffling around like a little old lady and this morning Big Daddy finally lost it with me and said, "Jesus fucking Christ, Kalisah! Go to the goddamn doctor!" (exact words)

The good news about going to the minor med is that you're in and out in an hour. The bad news is they never give you the good drugs.

I tried to post from there on my blackberry. I was testing out the process. I thought I'd made a post but it's no where to be found. Lost in Cyberspace I guess.

My back doesn't really bother me so long as I'm laying in bed. Too bad I have to go to work. We're holding the training classes for our Driving Lessons this week. I have to be there. No way I can miss. It's so embarrassing - wearing flats and hunched over like I'm 80 years old. It goes against everything I stand for. *sigh*