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God are you so tired of coming here only to keep seeing that same old long list posted there?

I am.

But unfortunately (for you) I don't have anything new to post. Because I have been way, way too busy these last couple of days trying to keep up with all the celebrity drama that is swirling about.

First? Demi? She is so pregnant. Whatever. It's gonna be like when that Spears girl finally admitted it and everyone went, "uhh, duh." and rolled their eyes.

And then? Tom and Katie? Jeez. Even CNN knows it's nothing more than a highly orchestrated publicity stunt for two potential summer blockbusters. And the other thing I don't believe? That she dated Chris Klein for FIVE YEARS and is still a virgin. What shit. And anyway, why does she look like she's having a seriously hard time keeping a straight face in EVERY ONE of those pictures with Tommy? Even when he's kissing her?

And let's see...who's that slutty Jessica Simpson doing this week? Johnny Knoxville? Check. Fred Durst. Check. I'm sorry, how does a celebrity think that she can make out with someone WHO IS NOT THEIR HUSBAND in public and not get caught?

And then it turns out that the only reason that fat guy is still on Idol is because there's a grassroots effort to fuck with the show and vote for the worst singer. HA! How great is that!