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The conservative Mormon branch of the family has arrived

Tonight was the visitation at the funeral home. My mom's cousin from Oxford was there. She talked to me at length about her sons and her grandchildren. And here I always thought that those Steel Magnolias accents were exaggerated.

My sister's husband left to pick up Uncle Claydon at the airport and wrecked their rental car. Let me tell you, the uninitiated should not attempt to drive in Memphis. Especially at rush hour. And FOR GOD'S SAKE, don't make any left-hand turns!!!! Sheesh.

So after the visitation was over I had to drive my sister and her husband and their two kids back to Mother's where they're staying.

My brother-in-law saw the Kerry sticker on my car and proceeded to give me his political opinions on why the democrats can't get elected. I started to ask him to share his opinion on what faggots are doing to the sanctity of marriage and those sinners killing babies but decided to just keep my mouth shut and get along.

I'm sure there will be LOTS MORE FUN TOMORROW so stay 'tooned!!