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My new home

Check it out. I'm back online. And yeah, it's still a cube, and there's no door and no window, BUT...I think it's actually BIGGER than my old office. and the walls are about 6 feet I guess - so there's no peeking over them like prarie dogs. And these tall walls go all the way around with just a doorway opening. I was thinking of maybe hanging up some love beads there.

I spent all day yesterday without an office, phone or computer. I brought a book to keep me occupied. I'm reading Steinbeck's East of Eden. It's 600 pages which I figured I might need if this construction thing went on too long. I read all day yesterday and a couple hours this morning until they told me that I could move back in. And then I cleaned everything down with 409 (cause you don't really know where these workmen have been...) and then I scored one of those little push-vacuums and cleaned up the carpet a bit, all the while catching the pointy toes of my Prada pumps on my floor mat which is no longer laying flat after the move.

I got all my photos put out, my lamp plugged in, my clock/radio/CD player hooked up, my plants out and my Stuart Weitzman shoe ads up (yeah, not Ferragamo...what was I thinking?). My friend Mary gave me a TV/VCR that she doesn't use. They brought my computer back and hooked up my phone once more and I am back in business.