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My mind is an empty as my cube

And that's pretty bare. Monday morning they're coming to build me a "Director's cube." Because I lost my office to the new departmental director. And they stuck me temporarily in a "Manager's cube." Which is only slightly larger than a regular cube. But Monday they're building me a BIG cube with full walls that is practically an office. Without a door. It's a stand-in because there aren't as many offices in the building as there are directors. So today I packed up everything in my temporary Mangaer's cube. All that's left is:

two bottles of water
my phone
my blackberry which is plugged into my PC charging
my lamp
2 pens and a sharpie

That's it. And lots of boxes that are too heavy for me to move. And I'm sitting here wishing I had something to post about today. But my head is as empty as my cube. And that's pretty bare.

Here's a list of things I did this week:

  • Roasted a whole chicken
  • Kept a secret about responsibility shifts at the Vice Presidential level even when a Senior Director pumped me for information
  • Sat in the parking lot of a cyber cafe for an entire hour with My Kid waiting for his friends to show up
  • Wrote two PSA scripts for the cast of "7th Heaven"
  • Changed my network password to a new shoe designer
  • Spent my contact money on new shoes so now I'll be wearing glasses for a while
  • Lost my black leather gloves that I love that someone brought me back as a gift from Russia last year
  • Broke my washing machine
  • Picked up a new pair of pants from the alterations shop after completely spacing that I'd even bought them until I stumbled across the receipt in my room quite by accident.
  • Drank a Starbucks coffee for lunch
  • Cleaned out my spice cabinet
  • Accepted a gift of a black leather jacket from a man who is not my husband
  • Admitted for the first time that I have not once been sick all winter, even though I probably jinxed myself by saying so
  • Exfoliated my thighs and ass with coffee grounds
  • Forgot to do my friend's homework for her after I told her I would and probably caused her to get a failing grade
  • Wore open-toed shoes for the first time this season
  • Cancelled my Blue Mountain e-card subscription service

Things I plan to do next week:

  • Get a mani, pedi & bikini wax
  • Make up that homework thing to my friend
  • Find my gloves
  • Look at NSFW web sites in my new cube where people can no longer walk by and see my screen
  • Rent Gilmore Girls DVDs to watch at lunchtime on my PC that I JUST NOTICED HAS A DVD ROM!!!
  • Buy Big Daddy a fluffy new bed pillow
  • Check into that daffodil bulb delivery service MamaKaren told me about
  • But some little round magnets so I can hang up all my Ferragamo shoe ads on my new magnetic cube walls