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Living with a pre-teen boy

Last week, the entire sixth grade at My Kid's school, which has been studying Ancient Greece, went to eat an authentic Greek meal at one of the nicer restaurants in town. They requested that the kids dress nicely - no jeans, shirts with collars. The night before the field trip, My Kid tells me that none of his dress shirts still fit him (of course!) and we have to run out to Macy*s and buy him a new shirt. He got a nice lime green-colored one with blue stripes in it.

So this morning, I get up, and My Kid has on this new shirt. And I'm all, "Why are you wearing your new shirt?" and he's all, "Well it's dirty anyway." And I start giving him all the reasons why he shouldn't be wearing a brand new shirt on a weekend day when it can get a) stained or b) torn or c) god knows what else. And he argues with me and has an answer for everything I say to him. So finally I'm like, "JUST CHANGE THE FUCKING SHIRT."

So he comes out with his soccer uniform shirt on instead.