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Perchance to dream

Last night I dreamed that it was the 4th of July and I was with Aiden from SATC. At first, SJP was there, too. Then she started shrinking and she got smaller and smaller until she was just the size of a flea and she hopped off. Now was my chance!

Unfortunately, I hadn't washed my hair. And it was the 4th of July so it was hot and I was all sweaty around my hairline. So I snuck off to the bathroom to try to do something with my hair, which was much shorter in the dream than it is in real life, so it wasn't really cooperating. I kept working with it and working with it, and then I saw Aiden walk by and he was all mopey and sad. I ran out of the bathroom and asked someone what was wrong and she told me that Aiden thought I'd ran out on him or stood him up and he was very upset by it. So I ran after Aiden and told him that I was still there and then the rest of the dream was a lot of hugging and kissing.

The end.