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The OC Footnotes: Feb. 24

Here's your handy guide to this week's OC pop culture references...a whole week before you can get them on USA Today.

"It's the opening sequence to The Day After Tomorrow out there."
Said by: Seth to Ryan, referring to the uncharacteristic heavy rain coming down outside.
Reference: The 2004 movie starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal about the earth's runaway climate destroying all life.

"You're listening to Boyz II Men?"
Said by: Ryan to Seth, when he comes to his room and finds him lamenting his loss of Summer. "I can think of no sadder song in the whole world," Seth says.
Reference: The poplar 90s African-American boys band famous for its smooth soul sound and intricate harmonies.

"I was waiting for Motown Philly"
Said by: Summer to Marissa, when she is found in her own room listening to the same Boyz II Men song as Seth.
Reference: Another Boyz II Men song. The band members are originally from Philadelphia.

"I have Ding Dongs and dessert wine."
Said by: Sandy to Rebecca
Reference: When the pair get stuck in a hotel room together overnight due to a washed out road, Sandy produces the Hostess cream-filled, chocolate-covered snack cake to eat.

"I went through an experimental stage, too. It included Motley Crue and Jagermeister."
Said by: Julie to Marissa, in an attempt to relate to (and somehow lessen) Marissa's Sapphic relationship with Alex.
Reference: The heavy metal 80s hair band Motley Crue for whom noted wifebeater and sex tape maker Tommy Lee drums, and the herbal-flavored bitter German liqueur most popularly imbibed in cold, straight shots.

"Marissa and Alex are no longer welcome in the Red States."
Said by: Seth to Ryan, in sharing his newly acquired knowledge that their two ex-girlfriends are now in a relationship together.
Reference: The red states are those that vote Republican and are notably opposed to anything homosexual.

"I could use a magazine. Would you like a People, Us Weekly, In Touch?"
Said by: Summer to Zack as she nervously sits in the airport with him and his family awaiting their flight to Italy.
Reference: Celebrity gossip magazines with big color photos often purchased from the mad paparazzi.

"I'd take an Economist."
Said by: Zach's uptight sister in response to Summer's offer to pick up magazines. She is getting married in Italy and asked her brother's girlfriend to be in the wedding even though they've only met once because, as Zach says, "She doesn't have a lot of friends."
Reference: A boring financial magazine that no one under 50 really reads.

"I'd take a Xanax."
Said by: Zach's mother in response to the sister's response to Summer's offer.
Reference: The anti-anxiety drug used to treat mild to moderate anxiety, nervous tension, activity depression or panic attacks. It's the new Mother's Little Helper.

And there you have it.