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My Day Off Analyzing Oscar Nominees

Well I had a nice day off...slept late...watched a little soaps. Had lunch with Big Daddy AND HIS CO-WORKER...so the sexy outfit was shelved for something more subtle: jeans, a white T and high-heeled 40s pumps with a tiny little toe hole cut out.

After, he went back to work and I went to the movies. I thought I'd see Phantom, since I really want to see it and certainly no one in this household is going to go with me so an afternoon alone seemed perfect. But, alas, I'd already missed the 12:50 show and 3:55 was just too late for a 3-hour movie.

So I saw "Finding Neverland," the third of the Big Oscar 5 that I've seen. My reviews are to follow:

This was a GREAT film. I give it 5 out of 5 Gowns (because, let's face it, the Oscars are really about THE GOWNS). The script is fab - my favorite line: Are you CHEWING GUM?? The performances are all definitely Oscar-worthy. Paul Giamotti TOTALLY got shaded. This is an actor's movie, which is why it got the SAG. It won't win the Oscar for best picture though.

A really good film. It gets 4 Gowns out of 5. The story is well-told. The real power of this film is Jamie Foxx's performance. And - being the Credit Watcher that I am - can I just send a shout out to my friend Bill Klages who did the lighting for all the concert scenes? Love ya, babe!

Finding Neverland
Oh. My. God. What a beautiful film. So beautiful. 5 Gowns out of 5. I hope it wins for music and costume because...so beautiful. It was a sweet and charming and touching fairy tale. Which makes it too soft to win the Best Picture Oscar. Johnny Depp - I love him. I think he's THE actor of my generation. But I'm not so sure he deserved the nod for this particular role. His character was a subdued gentleman British playwright of the early 1900s. He was quite restrained. Not a lot of emotion there. Kate Winslet was fab. Lots of good emotion in her role. And that child - Freddy Highmore - who played the young boy Peter? Utterly charming. I am totally buying the soundtrack to this. And anyway, was J.M. Barry Scottish? Because that was quite a fine Scottish accent Depp had going on, despite the fact that the film was set in London.

Million Dollar Baby
OK, I didn't see this movie. And there's a really good reason why. And I'm about to tell it to you. Even though it may include spoilers. Because, let's face it, if you haven't heard the spoilers to this film you are living under a rock. The Golden Globes peeked my interest - slightly. I just really really don't like Hillary Swank. I don't know why. She just rubs me the wrong way. And I'm not a huge fan of Eastwood films either. Although Mystic River was OK. But Million Dollar Baby got such good press at the Golden Globes I started to think perhaps I should pay more attention. But the press also alluded to some big plot twist that I simply had to find out. And when I read what it was...I was all, "Shit. I don't want to see THAT." I understand that the acting is off the charts. Hell, I've loved Morgan Freeman since The Electric Company. Still, there is nothing about this film that makes me want to see it. Or even rent it. Bleh. (OK, I didn't spoil afterall.)

The Aviator
Have yet to see this movie, amazingly. Big Daddy saw it the first week it was out. I don't know how I missed that trip to the theater. I always meant to see it. It's definitely the kind of movie I would go to the theater to see. But I've seen the trailers enough to know. This is the Best Picture Oscar winner. I can't comment much beyond that, not having actually seen it, but more details of my opinion are below.

My Oscar Picks:
Best Picture:
The Aviator - it has everything: action, drama, romance, mental illness, Hollywood, Washington...who can compete with that? This picture is BIG. No way it can't win. I mean, Titanic won, and that movie sucked ass.

Best Actor:
Jamie Foxx, Ray - He didn't just act like Ray, he became Ray. Jamie Foxx is experiencing the year of his life. I hope he lives up to it because he has a lot to offer as an actor.

Best Actress:
Hilary Swank, Million Dollar Baby - I already told you I haven't witnessed this performance, but I've read enough to know that she's the odds-on favorite. Even though I'd personally love to see Catalina Sandino Moreno win for Maria Full of Grace.

Best Supporting Actor:
Probably not really qualified to call this one, since I haven't seen 3 of the 5 nominated performances. Jamie Foxx was good in Collateral, but he won't win because he's going to take the Lead Actor statuette. Thomas Hayden Church was great in Sideways, but Clive Owens has had great press for Closer. I'm picking a sentimental favorite - Alan Alda, because I totally think The Aviator is going to sweep the Oscars.

Best Supporting Actress:
Cate Blanchett, The Aviator - see above. Plus, how gutsy do ya gotta be to play Kate Hepburn?? Kate Winslett totally deserved a nod in this category. Not that it matters because I'm pretty sure the Cate with a C has it wrapped up anyway.

Best Director:
Martin Scorsese, The Aviator - Hopefully, hopefully the Academy will go for the sentimental lifetime achievement vote and please PLEASE not give another statuette to Clint Eastwood, Botox Man.