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The O.C. Update

OK, make fun of me if you must. But yes. I watch The O.C. We started watching it last year right from the beginning.

And by "we," I mean all of us. Me. Big Daddy. My Kid. It's one of two shows we all enjoy together. The O.C. and Lost. After that our tastes take separate paths. I'm all Desperate Housewives and Gilmore Girls and SATC reruns. They're all Dave Chapelle Show and South Park and Monster Garage.

But we *heart* The O.C. I know, I know. It's the 90210 of the new millennium. But Shannon Daugherty, et al, never had this witty repartee. The O.C. has great writers and that's what makes the show so great. Certainly not the storylines, I'll admit. But the dialog is ingenious.

I will give you that the show was better last season than it is now. But I don't care. I still like it.

So look. On tonight's episode? DO YOU THINK THAT WAS REALLY PETER GALLAGHER SINGING? Posted by Hello