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If the veil fits...

I don't really get people who have their wedding picture on their desk at work. I mean, sure, I got a couple photos of Big Daddy and My Kid on my desk. (I try not to over do it.) But your wedding portrait? That's for your living room. Not your cubicle.

I especially think it's funny when a man has a wedding photo on his desk. Because you just know that NO MAN EVER started a new job and said, "Honey, can I take this framed 8x10 portrait of us on our wedding day to put on my desk?" Oh no no no. You can bet that a man with a wedding picture on display was coerced into putting it there by his wife, who wanted to make sure the women in the office knew he was hands-off.

One day I was up on another floor talking to this girl that I only work with on occasion. And she had a wedding photo on her desk. I was just about to make some kind of funny crack about her big, frosted 80s hair in the picture, but for some reason I stopped myself just in time and asked instead, "When were you married?"

And she said, "1995."