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On the bright side...

Shit. It's still raining. I can't remember the last time I saw the sun. I'm starting to suffer from that syndrome people in Alaska get when they go for weeks and weeks on end without sunlight. But at least we don't have 25-foot tall boulders falling on us.

And I'm not really feeling any effects of an overhang. So that's good.

And the guy driving 20 mph below the speed limint on Walnut Grove this morning, without any headlights on and drinking from a paper bag, didn't cause me to wreck my car. Do you think it's a good citizen's responsibility to call the police on a driver like that?

And the bridge over the Wolf River didn't collapse on me. Every morning, I sit on it in traffic, and I just know that one day it's going to crumble and I will fall to my watery death in the muddy river. But not today.

(I get that fear from my mom. When I was a kid, Mother never drove over a bridge without first putting the windows down. Even in the dead of winter. That way, when her car plunged into the river below and the water knocked out the electrical system, she'd still be able to get out and swim to safety.)

And I'm wearing fishnets today.