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Movin' on up to the East side

This afternoon I sat down at the laptop to cruise a few blogs and Big Daddy sat down next to me. I guess he was missing me. When I came upon Region Broad's site, he said, "That's a cool design."

Now he's an IT guy & he's done his fair share of freelance web design, so this is a nice compliment from him.

I said, "Yeah, that's a Moxie site."

Of course, he didn't know what that was. So I clicked on over to the Moxie girls' site and started showing him around. It only took him about 20 seconds before he asked, "How much?"

We looked at a few packages and he said, "Well maybe that can be your Xmas present."


I'm finally gettin' me a moxie site!!

As I told Joelle, I'm probably the least technical person she'll ever work with. In her lifetime. So I have no idea how this will work or how long it will take. But I'M GETTIN' ME A MOXIE SITE!!!

As G. says...I'll keep you posted.