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Ewww. Gross!

So this morning, I'm standing in line at Starbucks, waiting to order a coffee. When suddenly, "Ahh...ahhh...ahhh..." I have to sneeze. So I very politely turn around, so as not to sneeze all over the woman in front of me in line, "...CHOOO!" and sneeze instead all over the man BEHIND me in line.

"Oh my god! I am so sorry! I did not know you were there!"

A minute later when I get up to the counter I order: "I'll have a grande non-fat latte, and whatever he's having." I motion to the man who has been showered with my snot.

"Oh, no, that's OK," he insists.

"No, please," I say. "That way I won't have to be so embarrassed."