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I just watched "Hollywoodland" which I really liked, for several reasons, not the least of which being that I've had a completely unexplained crush on Adrien Brody ever since he played that pianist. And you know how I love Diane Lane. I think she looks more beautiful and classy with every passing year. And I was sucked in by the old Hollywood feel of the film, even it if was full of anachronisms.

I thought Ben Affleck did a fine job at playing the man who hated being Superman. I put his performance as a down-and-out actor right up there with Madonna as a woman who slept her way to success in Evita and Courtney Love as a heroin addict in Larry Flynt.


Good, JR rented that movie and said that he thougt it was good. So, it is nice to know that I will not be wasting my time. DO NOT rent My Super Ex-Girlfriend - that IS a waste of time.

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