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The Mullet that Wouldn't Die

Kristine posted this great photo essay (in three chapters) called "Autobiography of My Hair." It made me nostalgic for some of my old hairstyles. I apologize if some of you have seen some of these before.

Chapter 1 - Childhood

This is me at 1 year. I was a FAT baby. Also? Not much hair to speak of.

Age 2. Something about those crazy late 60s that made my mother dress me in stripes and prints and cut my hair like Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

Age 4. The short hair over my ears is pulled back in red plastic barrettes. The rest of my hair is half-way down my back. And check that "Allergic to Penicillin" jewelry I'm sporting.

Age 5 and the full-on Mary Hartman.

Age 5, post haircut. This was my first big haircut. We cut it all off, except for those crazy earbangs, which now seem to be some deranged sideburns. What was my mother thinking? Was this stylish in 1971? Surely not.

(Actually, it looks kind of cute from this angle.)

First Grade. 1972 Olympics and I was crazy about a certain Russian gymnast. Not only did I wear my hair like her, but I named the style after her, too: My "Olgas."

Second grade. I'm guessing my mom kept those bangs cut herself. Geez, they're blunt. And short. Also? Nice barrettes.

For my 7th birthday, we cut it into a pageboy....

...which my mother faithfully curled UNDER. I'm rocking the side-swept bang here, though.

Third grade, age 8. Growing it back out again. This is my natural hair color, but notice how thin and straight my hair was as a child.

Family portrait, circa 1975. Again with the cool side-swept bangs. I always loved this photo b/c it looks like my dad's head is poking out of the backdrop.

Sixth Grade (Fall, age 10). Oh god I HATED when my mother used to curl my bangs like that. And for the record? That's a one-piece green jumpsuit that I'm wearing. I thought it was the COOLEST THING EVER. Sixth grade (Spring, age 11). Again with the mullet, but parted on the side now. My mother told me to pull my long hair around to make sure that it showed in the photo. If I were smart, I'd have used it to cover up the SILK-SCREENED POCKET OF ROSES on my dress.

This was the occasion of my Primary graduation at church. That's the Bishop (who was also my best friend's dad) presenting me with a carnation. My hair is cut in WINGS. (In the front. Still long in back. Oy.)

Stay tuned to see what Chapter 2: The Teen Years has in store for us.

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My mother did horrible things to my hair. Luckily, I don't have photographic proof.

And the curling the hair under thing? Every time I take my daughter to get her hair cut, my mother says "get them do do that undercut thing!" It never ends!!

So cute! I love that you did this! :)

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